Supplier Evaluation Questionnaire

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1.0 Background

Cefndy Healthcare is a business dedicated to supporting Disabled People in meaningful employment. In this context, Cefndy operates as a commercial business which manufactures and supplies high quality tubular steel and plastic “Aids to Daily Living”.

Cefndy Healthcare was originally formed in 1976 as “Cefndy Enterprises” by the then Clwyd County Council and still operates out of its North Wales Headquarters / factory site.

Cefndy Healthcare a wholly owned subsidiary of Denbighshire County Council requires the information sought in this questionnaire to fulfil our obligations to only trade with suppliers who are able to meet Denbighshire County Council’s standards.

2.0 Instructions for Completion

Firms wishing to Supply Cefndy Healthcare with goods or services are required to complete all applicable sections of this Questionnaire, and to provide supporting documentation as requested. To ensure that you complete the Questionnaire correctly please note the following instructions.

  1. You should submit responses in the order given within the Questionnaire and all responses should be clearly numbered, any supporting documentation should also be numbered to confirm to which question it relates.
  2. Please answer all the questions specifically for your company and NOT for the group if you are part of a group of companies.
  3. There may be questions that do not apply to every firm, if this is the case, you should write “Not Applicable” in the space provided.
  4. You should answer all elements of the questionnaire.

Prospective service providers/suppliers should answer all questions as accurately as possible. Where a question is not relevant to the responder’s organisation, this should be indicated, with an explanation.

Supporting information should be presented in the same order as and should be referenced to the relevant question.

Failure to furnish the required information, make a satisfactory response to any question, or supply documentation referred to in responses, may mean that service providers/suppliers will not be invited to supply Cefndy Healthcare.

3.0 Consortia and sub-contracting.

Where a consortium or sub-contracting approach is proposed, all information should be given in respect of the proposed prime contractor or consortium leader. Relevant information should also be provided in respect of consortium members or sub-contractors who will play a significant role in the delivery of the services or products or any ensuing contract. Responses must enable Cefndy Healthcare to assess the overall service proposed.

Where the proposed prime contractor is a special purpose vehicle or holding company, information should be provided of the extent to which it will call upon its resources and expertise of its members.

Cefndy Healthcare recognises that arrangements in relation to consortia and sub-contracting may be subject to future change. Service providers/suppliers should therefore respond in the light of such arrangements as are currently envisaged.

Please provide details of the proportion of any contract awarded under this contract that the prospective partner proposes to sub-contract.

Cefndy Healthcare may seek independent financial and market advice to validate information declared or to assist in the evaluation. Reference site visits or demonstrations and or presentations may be requested to support this document.

Where in the opinion of Cefndy Healthcare the response is inadequate the supplier may be excluded from further consideration.

4.0 Confidentiality and the Freedom of Information Act

Suppliers are requested to specify with reasons if anything contained in this document is confidential. Cefndy Healthcare will use reasonable endeavours to keep such information confidential but does not guarantee to do so if it is obliged to disclose such information pursuant to its duties under the Freedom of Information Act 2000.